Relocation FAQs: Finding accommodation and where to live in London


Are you a Grad, Primary or High School teacher looking to make the move to teach in the UK?

You’ll probably be looking for more information on the top places to live in London and how you would find accommodation. We’ve gathered all the useful info into one place so the only searching you’ll be doing is for your new home!

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Where do I find accommodation?

Finding accommodation in the UK is not difficult – if you know where to look. Check out the below websites which are useful for finding accommodation for yourself, finding people to flatshare with or renting a room in an existing rented property!


Excellent website for finding a room to rent in a house share. This website also allows you to ‘buddy up’ and search for potential roommates.

Air BnB and Hostelworld

The rental market in London and the UK can be very fast, and a lot of the time it is easier to find a place to rent once you’ve landed, as properties can go very quickly! Air BnB and Hostel World are great sites to look for short-term accommodation whilst you get set up in London and beyond.

Rightmove, Zoopla and Primelocation

Best websites and apps for renting entire properties - either alone or with flatmates:

Where should I live?

We recommend finding somewhere close to public transport links, that is around 30 minutes from your new school. As you are most likely going to be needed at your school from 8am in the morning, somewhere close and easy for you to get to, is always a bonus. We can help you with finding accommodation and advising on places to live once you’re here in the UK.

Which London Borough is safe / liveable?

There are many boroughs and areas of London that finding the place that is right for you can be a bit confusing! Each borough is unique and has its own sense of community and we’ve compiled points for each area to help you decide which is best for you!

West London

Home to the cosmopolitan areas of Fulham and Hammersmith, with a plethora of cocktail bars and rooftop gardens, West London is a fantastic place to live due to its many residential areas, such as Brent, and reasonable rent prices. Plus, you’re only 20 minutes away on the tube from central London!

South West London

With areas such as Southfields, Wimbledon and Clapham, South West London is a popular place to live, due to its great night life and beautiful parks! Be aware that the rent in this area is more expensive than other areas but it is well connected to central London as well as surrounding counties.

South East London

The South East of London has seen huge investment and redevelopment in the recent years, making it an upcoming place to live. It is still relatively cheap for rent compared to other areas of London whilst still being able to boast a number of bars and restaurants! Excellent!

East London

If you haven’t heard of Shoreditch before coming to London, it will quickly become one of your go to hubs whilst living in the UK! It has become a hot spot for young people with edgy bars, huge shopping centres and great parks! Rent is reasonable here still but be quick to put your deposit down if you see somewhere you like.

Central & Northern London

 This is where everything is happening in London, all of your hot tourist spots, fab shops and quirky bars and restaurants can be found in Central and North London! North London is very popular amongst young professionals, so you’re likely to be surrounded by like-minded people if you choose to live here!

How much is rent in the UK?

This can depend on where you live. If you choose to live in London, you can expect to pay the most compared to the rest of the UK and rent in London depends on the location that you are in.

The rental market in London is buoyant and due to the rising costs to buy a home, most Londoners live in rented accommodation. This means there is a huge selection of properties for you to view across London. If you see somewhere you like, don’t hesitate to put a deposit down and take it. Chances are if you don’t someone else will! However, if you miss out don’t be too disappointed as there’ll be another great option for you to consider on the market in no time!

Most properties require a security deposit of 4-6 weeks rent up front. If you decide to move, often it is as simple as advertising for your own replacement - but make sure you’ve read your contract carefully, so you understand the terms and conditions. Don’t exchange any money until you’ve visited the property yourself and if it doesn’t feel right don’t do it. There are scams to be aware of and some properties aren’t as great as the photos online.

Whilst the rental market in London moves very quickly, make sure to do your research on the areas you’re interested in and speak to your consultant to make sure the property works for you. Move quickly, but not too quickly!