Relocation FAQs: How to get QTS, documents you need to teach in the UK & when to relocate


Are you a Grad, Primary or High School teacher looking to make the move to teach in the UK?

You’ll probably have some questions about when is best to relocate, how you gain QTS to be able to teach in the UK and what documents you’ll need, so we’ve compiled all of the info for you below.

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How can I get QTS (Qualified Teacher Status)?

Teachers must apply for the award of QTS before they can be recognised as qualified teachers to work in the UK. You can apply for your award on the UK Government website, this can be done before you arrive in the UK.

You’ll be verified as a fully qualified teacher in Australia, Canada, New Zealand or the USA that has not been barred from teaching. Subject to satisfactory completion of these checks, you’ll be issued with a letter confirming the award of QTS. Please be aware that details of fully qualified teachers from Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the USA are held on the database of qualified teachers in England.

Those from the USA will need to be eligible for QTS in order to gain sponsorship to work in the UK.

Please note

If you don’t have QTS this doesn’t stop you from working in a UK school! You can teach in the UK for up to 4 years if you don’t have QTS as long as:

  • Australian Teachers – You are can work in an Academy or a Private School
  • South African Teachers – You hold a full teaching qualification from SA
  • Canadian Teachers – You have provincial registration with a teaching degree
  • Irish Teachers – You have full registration with the Irish Teaching Council
  • New Zealand Teachers – You are a Newly Qualified Teacher or hold provisional registration

What documents do I need to teach in the UK?

To teach in the UK, you must:

  • Have a valid UK visa
  • Be a fully qualified teacher
  • Have a valid passport
  • Provide an updated CV with no gaps in employment including details for at least 2 referees
  • Provide an updated original police clearance from your country of origin
  • Obtain an enhanced DBS (UK police check). Your consultant will explain how to obtain one whilst still residing in your country of origin
  • Have proof of your current address such as a bank statement or utility/phone bill

When is the best time to relocate to the UK to teach?

This depends on when you graduate; for those in the Southern hemisphere, graduating in November means the best time to relocate would be in time for the 2nd term in the UK (January). For those in the Northern hemisphere, graduating in June means that you can relocate in July / August time which fits in perfectly with the beginning of the academic year in the UK!

Not only that, but we work with hundreds of schools across the UK so you can simply pick your travel date any time of the year and we can find you guaranteed supply or long-term teaching work!