DfE teacher pay plans - the key take-outs


In recommendations to the School Teachers’ Review Body, the Department for Education has laid out plans for teacher pay.

The proposals include a pay rise for all teachers, including a 6.7% jump for new starters and a 2.5% increase for more experienced staff and headteachers.

It forms part of the government pledge to boost all starting salaries to at least £30,000 by 2022 and the Department for Education has said all the changes should be “affordable for schools” on the back of greater investment into the education system.

The main points

The recommendations to the review body were based on teacher workforce statistics which help to showcase the current state of affairs in the profession.

According to the data (from November 2018), the average level of pay for teachers in state-funded schools was £36,800, with the average figure for school leaders at £55,600.

Both figures rose marginally from a year previously, by 2% and 1% respectively.

For those considering a new teaching job, leaders in maintained secondary schools are paid “significantly more” than those in maintained primary schools

Among primary leaders, the average salary ranged from £51,200 to £61,300, compared to a range of £57,900 to £69,800 for secondary schools (the range is a result of differences in salary between schools in London and those in the rest of the country).

Pay and allowances

Staff in local authority schools can expect to earn more than teachers in academies too, and they are also more likely to have salary topped up with allowances.

Across England, 77.8% of schools use allowances although widespread regional variation in their use exists – the figure rises to more than 87% in London and drops to around 70% in Yorkshire and the Humber.

Teaching and learning responsibility is the most popular allowance, as well as recruitment and retention and special educational needs (SEN) payments.

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