Multiplication and division resources for maths teachers


Multiplication and division are key elements of maths teaching, but it can be tough to ensure that lessons remain fresh. From helping pupils to master the basics to introducing tougher concepts, maths teachers have a wealth of useful resources at their disposal to keep lessons fun and engaging.

Regardless of whether pupils are in primary or secondary education, games, quizzes and worksheets can all help to focus minds and boost knowledge. 

Here we have a host of multiplication and division resources that a maths teacher may want to use to give an edge to their lesson planning.

Tes (Times Education Supplement)

With a range of hand-picked resources designed for those delivering primary education, Tes has multiplication and division games and quizzes in abundance.

From mastery worksheets that build on the basics, to board games that enable maths teachers to approach division in new ways, most resources are free or require a small fee.

In addition to resources aimed at primary school pupils, Tes also has plenty geared at those in secondary education.

Teaching Ideas

Maths teachers can access a set of worksheets targeting pupils of different ages at Teaching Ideas, providing plenty of inspiration for those looking to get creative in lessons.

Teachers can tackle inverse operations and introduce concepts such as number sentences while allowing pupils to showcase their knowledge of the basics with the printable resources on offer.

Teacher’s Pet

A great resource for those in primary education, Teacher’s Pet has an array of times tables activity packs that look at basic multiplication in a highly visual way.

Suited for use as introductory tasks in lessons, or for reinforcing knowledge and understanding, maths teachers can sign up to access the resources, which include a number of packs designed to support home learning.

Teach It Primary

Another resource geared at those in Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2, Teach It Primary has free and subscription options for teachers, depending on their requirements.

From division word problems to inspirational activity sheets and workbooks, maths teachers have a wide variety of options to pick from.


Developed in line with the National Curriculum, maths teachers can be inspired by the secondary education resources at STEM, with resources that allow a ‘hands-on’ approach to multiplication and division.

Registration is free, giving teachers access to a handful of games and interactive teaching resources that are suitable for a range of ages.


Featuring hundreds of resources targeting multiplication and division, maths teachers can turn to NRICH, a project developed by the University of Cambridge to enhance maths learning for pupils of all ages.

There are resources for those aged 5-11 and 11-18, meaning there should be something to suit any class and ability.

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