World Kindness Day resources


With a focus on showcasing the power of kindness and positive actions around the globe, World Kindness Day has a vital role to play in the classroom.

From teaching youngsters about the power of their actions to raising awareness of key issues, it’s an opportunity for teachers to embrace topics around acceptance, diversity and more.

Celebrated annually on 13th November, World Kindness Day was introduced by a set of non-governmental organisations in 1998, with the simple aim of promoting the importance of compassion, sympathy and goodwill.

It is hoped that it will drive people of all ages to be kinder to each other, helping to create a fairer world in the process, while teachers have a chance to inspire their pupils and promote good deeds.

Promoting kindness in the classroom

Teachers at both primary and secondary level can encourage their pupils to go the extra mile for World Kindness Day, with a focus on togetherness and doing things for others.

It’s also good to encourage random acts of kindness in the wider community too so that youngsters can be inspired to be kind both in and out of the classroom.

Even the smallest actions can make a big difference, from something as simple as holding the door open for someone to saying ‘thank you’.

Activities and resources

Classroom activities may include something creative, whereby pupils are encouraged to make or design something as a class or year group, or even a performance of some sort.

For school teachers looking to celebrate World Kindness Day in the classroom, Inspire Kindness has numerous printable resources, including kindness cards, posters and inspirational materials.

Teach Starter also has plenty of resources based on kindness for primary school classrooms, designed to motivate pupils and spread a positive message.