Arts and Craft Resources for Primary Teachers


Introducing arts and crafts to lessons is great for capturing the imaginations of young people, as it encourages them to question what they are learning and to try out new things.

There are plenty of fun and engaging resources out there to help primary teachers too, equipping them with an abundance of arts and crafts ideas.

We’ve picked out some of the most useful resources, allowing teachers to introduce concepts drawing, design and even sculpture to the classroom.


Home to an array of arts and crafts resources for primary teachers, Twinkl includes both free and a paid-for offering.

Many of the ideas can be used in lessons or for homework tasks, and several even include other subject areas to really capture a pupil’s imagination.

Some of the fun resources include pyramid making, a guide to creating a skeleton and several different forms of origami.

Teaching Ideas

For arts and crafts ideas covering all kinds of topics and activities, head to Teaching Ideas to find everything for colouring and drawing sheets, to comic strips and hands-on plans.

Many of the resources can be viewed or downloaded for free, giving primary teachers plenty of options when it comes to planning.

National Geographic Kids

Boost creativity and inspire youngsters with fun arts and crafts from National Geographic Kids, a set of resources targeted at primary school pupils.

Many of the resources can be used alongside the National Curriculum, giving primary teachers plenty of options when it comes to weaving the activities into lesson plans.

From creating masks and paper flowers to exploring the works of famous artists, pupils can enhance their primary education while also being encouraged to be inventive.

Tate Kids

Set up by the Tate galleries, Tate Kids previews various artists and their works, while also featuring quizzes, tutorials and games.

There are videos for introducing art movements and plenty of interactive options for primary teachers looking to bring their arts and crafts lessons to life.

Google Arts and Culture

Offering plenty of virtual experiences and engaging topics for youngsters of all ages, Google Arts and Culture can be a valuable resource for teachers.

From providing lesson inspiration to introducing pupils to augmented reality or the works of famous artists, it’s a useful tool for bringing arts and crafts into the classroom.

Other subscription resources

In addition to those mentioned above, primary teachers can also access a number of subscription services for arts and crafts materials, including Kapow Primary and supplies from the TTS Group.

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