Wet play resources for primary teachers


Playtime is a chance for children to escape the confines of the classroom, but with wet weather common in the UK, having a range of wet play resources is vital for any primary teacher.

Having go-to games and pre-prepared quizzes can help to keep a class of young children engaged while the rain hammers away at the windows, and is key to ensuring they are quiet and well behaved.

But keeping them entertained in the same space as they spend most of their day is not without its challenges, so while putting on a film may seem like an easy solution, having resources for wet playtime can have more benefits for pupils.

Fortunately, there are many different resources available online for just the occasion, giving primary teachers just what they need when the weather is dismal.

Wet playtime could be an excuse to get creative with pupils too, from encouraging them to design their own quizzes or games to acting out a story book with the class.

Activities can also be used to enhance their primary education, by reinforcing some of the basics they learn during class.

Useful wet play resources

Teaching Ideas features a wet play pack with word searches, colouring activities and word sequence games, which can be accessed via Teaching Packs an annual subscription based service which has a delightful array of resources covering numerous elements of primary education.

Twinkl has several indoor play activities and printable resources, featuring everything from quizzes and interactive games to crosswords and other puzzles.

For a set of active ideas and funny videos, primary teachers should head to Go Noodle, a free resource with wet play activities for children of all ages.

Alternatively, the BBC’s Super Movers educational resource has videos to encourage learning and movement – great for helping youngsters burn off some of that extra energy!

For those still short of ideas, even having something as simple as paper and colouring pencils to hand can make a big difference when looking to get pupils to settle down.

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