How tuition can help parents who lack confidence over home schooling


A new survey has revealed working-class parents are less confident around home schooling, so could tuition provide a solution?

According to a poll of more than 1,500 parents by Sutton Trust and Public First, just 37% of parents in the National Readership Society (NRS) social grade known as C2DE feel comfortable teaching and providing support to their children’s education at home.

That compares with nearly half of parents in the ABC1 grade, suggesting that traditional working-class parents may need more assistance with home schooling.

In total, 42% of parents said they were confident in their ability to help their children learn, while a further 36% said they were “neither confident nor unconfident”.

On the back of the results, the Sutton Trust has said it wants to “level the playing field” so that all youngsters can access quality online tuition.

The Trust suggests that a “learning gap” could be created between “affluent and less-affluent pupils”, while some parents may wish to explore online tuition options to support their child’s education.

Sir Peter Lampl, who chairs the Trust and its sister charity, the Education Endowment Foundation (EEF), explained that home learning has never been more important.

“Parents across the country are grappling with the challenge of home schooling their children,” he explained.

He added that more affluent parents are capable of spending money on additional resources, although the Trust also wants to see tuition available for the most disadvantaged pupils.

According to the survey, around 60% of children from working-class backgrounds would not have any money spent on their education, compared to 45% of middle-class children.

However, a high proportion of youngsters across the country could still benefit from fun, engaging and inspirational online tuition services in a number of key subjects.

A wide array of support is available to help prepare pupils for the transition from primary school into secondary and for GCSE or A Level topics, as well as for general subjects including maths, English, the sciences and numerous languages.

The EEF has said it will also make resources and online guidance available for schools to provide further support.

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