National Writing Day Competition Winner - The Magic Key!


Congratulations to Kitty Edge, aged 9, for winning the Tradewind Recruitment's National Writing Day Competition! Her winning entry was a short story called 'The Magic Key', which you can read below:

It all started on a gloomy, rainy winter’s day, with a phone call. There was an urgent call from the prime minister for Bee-Be and Amanda. The Prime Minister said in a hurried voice ‘‘ Quick, I need you to complete an important mission ASAP! There has been a robbery at the British museum so you two must get there right now to get the magic key back to the tomb!’’

Bee-be and Amanda said,‘‘ We're on the way we will get that key back for you!" So they hopped on the big red bus all ready and prepared with their secret special gadgets just in case there was a problem when they arrived. The Secret Agent Ministry had given them both a special watch with some special features! It had a taser, torch and even a time travel button! 

Finally, after a bumpy bus journey, they arrived at the British museum. It was dark and silent inside as they crept through the side door, there was not a person in sight. They quietly tiptoed through the main hall and scurried down a long corridor heading to the Egyptian room. There was a deafening BANG and it was coming from the tomb.

Bee-be and Amanda raced towards the robbers, they recognised them, it was Boris the Basher and his pet bat! They had knocked over one of the mummies and it had crashed loudly to the floor and sounded as if something had exploded! He had bumped his head on the floor but was still holding the secret key in his hand while his bat flew away scared.

Bee-Be turned on her super watch and tasered Boris on his legs so he could not move.

"Quick Amanda, grab the key from his hand" screeched Bee-Be.

"Got it!" shrieked Amanda in excitement as she threw it towards her sister.

The girls ran off and on the way dialled 999 from their watch to let the police know that they could find Boris the Basher breaking into the museum if they were quick.

They jumped back on the bus to Camden, they were sweating rivers but they didn't care, they were so happy because they had the key = mission successful!

As soon as they got home they called the Prime Minister to say they had got the key! 

"Well done girls! You've done a great job yet again and the police even manage to get Boris after your clever tip off" beamed the PM.

"Thank you Prime Minister, we are always happy to help especially to make sure Boris is locked up" smiled Bee-be as she high fived Amanda.

The following week, they got a a special badge from the Prime Minister as a reward for being so brave and persevering with a difficult mission. What a great result for everyone!