CV tips for teaching assistants


If you’re planning to apply for a new teaching assistant role, your CV will play a pivotal part in your ability to land the job.

Regardless of whether you’ve been a teaching assistant for some time, or are planning to apply for your first role in the classroom, you’ll want to ensure that your CV accurately demonstrates your skills.

You’ll want to showcase your practical classroom experience and the personal skills that enable you to make a real difference to those you support.

Here are some top tips for teaching assistants looking to shape their CV for a new role.

Tailor your CV

If you’re applying for many different roles, it might seem like an easy approach to send the same CV for each role, but it’s far better to tailor your CV to the individual role.

This means you can include mention of the school’s ethos or link in your experience more directly to the teaching assistant role you are applying for.

Taking the time to research the school and the role reflects well on you and should have a positive influence on the individual looking to hire.

Put your qualifications centre stage

If you’re an experienced TA and you have completed a vast array of training and development programmes, ensure they appear near the top of your CV.

Although the exact requirements will vary by school, you can still demonstrate your suitability for the role and make an immediate impression.

In instances where the job description asks for certain qualifications, make sure you list the relevant ones you have, as well as any of the following if they are applicable:

  • Educational qualifications in GCSE Maths, English and Science (A-level or equivalent if you have them)
  • Certificates for health and safety training
  • First aid training
  • Valid DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) check

Use specific examples

There is no harm in saying that you have the broad skills needed for the role, but any teaching assistant can make an impression if they can demonstrate those skills.

If you’ve spent time in the classroom before, look to talk about the support you were able to offer and of the outcomes that resulted.

Where possible, a TA should look to use metrics to their advantage, as these are a clear way of demonstrating any achievements.

Meanwhile, if you’re considering a TA role for the first time, you should talk about how you have applied some of the key skills in other environments, and how you intend to use those skills in the new environment you see yourself working in.

Don’t feel that you need to go overboard with the examples though, as three or four well-thought-out points should be capable of demonstrating what you need.

Demonstrate flexible ways of working

The nature of being a teaching assistant means that staff are often required to think on their feet, so you should look to demonstrate how you can be flexible in any situation.

You may want to showcase creative ways of boosting engagement among pupils, or detail how you went above-and-beyond in a previous role to enhance someone’s experience.

Don’t forget presentation!

A teaching assistant’s CV should also be well laid out and formatted so that the key information is easy to find.

Alongside an abundance of online examples, many document programmes have templates that you can use to create an inspiring CV to help land your dream TA role.

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