The best games primary teachers can use to help teach maths and science


Primary children are renowned for having shorter attention spans, so using fun games in lessons can be a fantastic way to boost their learning.

This is especially the case with maths and science, as games can help boost engagement and aid with the application of core skills.

Primary teachers may wish to weave some games and interactive elements into their lesson plans, as it can help to develop positive attitudes among youngsters to both subjects.

In addition, the increased interaction between children that games bring can also help them to develop problem solving skills and test intuitive ideas, while also reducing the fear of failure.

There are very few limitations on what games can be used in the classroom to aid the teaching of maths and science, while there is also an abundance of useful resources and games online…


Mixing academia with arcade style games, Arcademics features an array of online multiplayer maths games for primary school pupils.

Covering everything from basic topics such as addition and subtraction to fractions and algebra, there are numerous highly engaging games that a primary teacher could weave into their lesson plans.

The games use focused repetition to aid learning and give pupils the chance to quickly learn from mistakes, enhancing their understanding through play.

NASA Kids’ Club

Although its games are predominantly designed the American curriculum, the NASA Kids’ Club features an array of space themed games that introduce science concepts, NASA and its missions.

Designed to inspire youngsters, the games focus on science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM), providing ample opportunity for primary teachers to introduce the topics and to generate discussion in the classroom.

WOW Science

Featuring a wealth of highly engaging science activities and games, WOW science has everything a primary teacher could need when creating their lesson plans.

With specific sections for chemistry, biology, coding, and physics and engineering, as well as general science, it’s possible to introduce games that can be tailored to any specific class.

BBC Bitesize

With a range of primary level resources for pupils aged from 5 to 11, BBC Bitesize has a host of maths and science games resources for primary teachers.

The website also has an extensive set of lesson plans that teachers can use to develop engaging material for their classes, of which games could also be weaved in.

Learning Games for Kids

Primary teachers can rely on an array of interactive games at Learning Games for Kids, with sections for both maths and science.

Designed to make learning fun, teachers could look to use the resources in the classroom or the games could be used to support homework tasks.

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