Government confirms teacher pay scales for academic year 2020-2021


The Department for Education has confirmed teacher and school leader pay rates for the academic year 2020-2021, in line with figures first revealed in July.

Covering teacher and school leader pay, new teachers can expect a 5.5% surge in their pay, while the upper and lower boundaries of all the other pay scales will rise by 2.75%.

These pay scales apply to authority maintained schools across England and became effective on 1st September 2020, whereas free schools and academies can set their own pay.

It’s important to note that the documentation applies to only England, as it previously applied to schools in Wales as well, although that is now set by the Welsh Government.

Pay also varies by geographic location, with teachers in inner and outer London earning slightly more than their colleagues in other parts of the country.

Teacher pay in England, excluding London

Unqualified teacher pay ranges from £18,169 to £28,735, with salaries for staff in the main pay range varying between £25,714 and £36,961.

Once a teacher gains qualified teacher status, they should be transferred from the unqualified pay range to the main pay range for staff.

Those in the upper pay range can now expect to earn £38,690 and £41,604, while those at the highest end of the scale, deemed to be leading practitioners, will have a salary of between £42,402 and £64,461.

Inner London

In Inner London, pay for unqualified teachers now ranges from £22,849 to £33,410, while teaching staff on the main pay range can expect to earn between £31,157 and £42,624.

The upper range is from £46,971 to £50,935, while leading practitioners can take home between £50,415 and £72,480.

Outer London

Pay in the Outer London region is slightly reduced compared to Inner London, but remains higher than the rest of England.

Unqualified teachers here can expect a salary of between £21,582 and £32,151, with those on the main pay scale earning from £29,915 to £41,136.

At the higher end of the scale, the upper pay range is from £42,559 to £45,766, and the leading practitioner range has a salary bracket of £45,766 to £67,828.

Headteacher pay

As with regular teacher pay, headteacher pay varies by geographic location but is also split into eight groupings, whereby pay gradually increases for each grouping.

Across England, the minimum salary for a school leader in group one is £47,735, rising to a maximum of £117,197 for a headteacher in group eight.

For comparison, in Inner London, the figures vary from a minimum of £55,715 in group one to a maximum of £125,098 in group eight.