Grammar Resources for Primary Teachers


Teaching grammar forms a key part of primary education, where pupils learn the literacy basics to apply throughout their lives.

Knowing how to structure sentences and link words together helps youngsters to express themselves when learning to write, forming a vital part of primary teaching.

A vast array of useful grammar resources are available to support primary teachers with this goal, with some of the stand out options listed below…


Packed with interactive and engaging grammar resources, Englicious features a free online library of projects, games and activities that can be easily weaved into lesson plans.

Developed by the Survey of English Usage, part of the University College London, the resources range from bite-sized modules to large projects and are all aligned to the linguistic content found on the 2014 national curriculum update.

Tes (Times Education Supplement)

Featuring a host of free and paid-for grammar resources, Tes has numerous options available to support primary education.

There’s also a grammar progression for primary literacy teaching resource, developed in line with the National Curriculum, which can provide the basics for primary teachers and newly qualified teachers.


Discover a plethora of worksheet and activity resources at Twinkl, including presentations on how to approach the delivery of grammar in primary education.

The various Key Stage 1 resources have all been developed by teachers, and include visual aids, posters and tailored worksheets – everything that a primary teacher could need for lesson planning.


A subscription service with videos, guidance and resource packs, Grammarsaurus is another online tool created by primary teachers, for teachers.

A limited amount of free resources are also available, including ones which focus on elements of grammar such as parentheses, adverbials, conjunctions and the past tense.

Oak National Academy

Developed by the government to provide resources for schools, the National Academy is offering free resources throughout 2020-2021.

It features a range of grammar resource and lesson plans for Key Stage 2 onwards, many of which can be delivered either remotely or in the classroom.

Teachit Primary

Alongside a subscription service that provides access to hundreds of resources created by teachers, Teachit Primary also has a free option which allows access to plenty of PDF resources.

Primary teachers may want to look here for lesson inspiration or homework ideas, as the various Key Stage 1 and 2 resources can be downloaded and printed.

British Council

Although not targeted specifically at primary pupils, the British Council has a handy reference resource that pupils can use, featuring clear grammar explanations and examples.

This could be especially useful when trying to reinforce an understanding of grammar, as it covers nouns, verbs, adjectives and more.

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