New remote learning guidance for schools


Schools are expected to deliver a greater amount of remote education for secondary level pupils under new guidance from the Department for Education.

New guidance outlines the minimum expectations for schools in a bid to ensure the right quantity and quality of teaching is being provided while pupils are away from the classroom.

At Key Stage 1, schools need to provide at least three hours of remote education, which can include live teaching, recorded sessions and time for pupils to undertake tasks.

The number of hours of remote education increases to four a day for Key Stage 2 pupils, and five hours for Key Stage 3 and 4 – up from four hours in the previous government guidance.

Education secretary Gavin Williamson has also said parents should raise any concerns they have over education provision with their child’s school, with the guidance adding that Ofsted could then be approached if the issues are not resolved.

Structured approaches to education

Under the guidance, schools should provide a “planned and well-sequenced curriculum so that knowledge and skills are built incrementally”, with adequate processes in place to check pupil progress and engagement.

It also states that schools must “identify a named senior leader with overarching responsibility for quality and delivery of remote education, including that provision meets expectations”.

Remote education must also be delivered via a digital platform that can be “used consistently across the school” with an expectation that all staff are trained in its use.

The guidance adds that online lessons could come from sources other than school staff, such as lessons from the Oak National Academy, an online set of resources developed by teachers for teachers.

Schools are also expected to provide any necessary printed resources or textbooks that pupils may need in order to facilitate a structured approach to their learning.

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