Why your degree in Psychology OR Drama is the perfect first step into the classroom


Going to the world of education can sometimes be a daunting task, especially if this isn’t something you’ve ever considered.

But our 21 years of experience in the market have told us that drama and psychology graduates are perfect for the classroom.

Here we explore why and reveal how your career in teaching could take off.

Why move from drama into teaching?

Drama students have an eclectic range of transferrable skills, many of which are incredibly useful for a career in the classroom, either as a teaching assistant, or ultimately as a full-time teacher.

From being confident and comfortable as the centre of attention, drama students are also often outgoing and can face up to pressure extremely well.

Typically, drama graduates are creative too, all skills which lend themselves well to a career in the classroom.

Why move from psychology into teaching?

Given that psychology courses cover a broad range of topics, from academic and social skills to emotional support, these graduates are also well placed for dealing with classroom life.

This broad knowledge and understanding of behavioural issues can make managing a classroom easier and is one of the reasons why schools will often turn to psychology graduates for assistant roles.

Strong interpersonal skills and a desire to see others succeed also play their part in allowing these graduates to create a safe and supportive learning environment for pupils.

What career options are available?

Roles as teaching assistants are perhaps the most obvious first move into education for drama or psychology graduates, given the types of tasks and skills that are needed.

These roles play a pivotal part in the classroom, supporting pupils at both ends of the learning spectrum to achieve their maximum potential.

There’s plenty of room for career progression too, as teaching assistants could eventually move to be higher-level, before even qualifying as a full-time member of teaching staff.

On-the-job training and a range of developmental support can aid this progression, while others may just love their time as a teaching assistant.

If you’re keen to put what you’ve learnt during university to good use, a role in the classroom could be just right for you.

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