Biology resources for Science Teachers


From introducing the basics of genes and evolution to discovering the wonders of the natural world or the human body, biology teachers have an abundance of digital resources at their disposal to ensure lessons are both fun and engaging.

For science teachers keen to make their lessons stand out, here are some of the resources out there which can help to unlock a pupil’s potential.

The Science Teacher

With the biology curriculum divided up into ten key areas here, The Science Teacher has everything a secondary teacher could need when planning their next lesson.

From cells and classification to organs and plants, the extensive list of biology resources can also be searched by keyword, enabling teachers to find the relevant materials they need.

Royal Society of Biology

Covering classroom activities and competitions, as well as practical lessons and guidance on careers, the Royal Society of Biology links to numerous websites and other resources.

There are also specific resources to support continued professional development, alongside details of how schools can get involved in Biology Week and other similar events.


Biology teachers can sign up for free to Explorify to discover an array of inspirational materials that help bring the sciences to life.

Discover a set of resources for decorating the classroom, as well as guidance on lesson delivery and engaging ways of approaching some of the key topics in biology.

Teach it Science

Featuring teacher-created resources which cover all of the key elements of the curriculum for key stage 3 and key stage 4 biology, Teach it Science has worksheets and activities for use in the classroom.

PDF resources can be accessed for free, while a subscription service also includes a number of other document and activity choices.

Tes (Times Educational Supplement)

This set of secondary education biology resources features an array of teaching ideas and activities designed by teachers for teachers.

From worksheets and presentations to games and picture cards, Tes can provide fresh approaches to some of the well-trodden scientific topics.


Packed with an extensive range of resources to support remote teaching, as well as others that can be shared with parents to assist with home schooling, STEM should be a go-to website for biology teachers.

Alongside guidance for those teaching biology to key stage 3 and key stage 4 pupils, there are dedicated sections for both the practical and theoretical areas of the subject.

Chester Zoo

For science teachers looking to add something slightly different to their lessons, Chester Zoo has a range of fun resources focused on animals and conservation.

Designed for pupils of various ages, and for both classroom use and home schooling, these games and activities can be easily weaved into lesson plans or remote teaching sessions.

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