Celebrating World Book Day in 2021


Now celebrating its 24th year, World Book Day seeks to inspire young people to explore reading and encourages them to pick up a book in more than 100 countries worldwide.

It is a celebration of reading and of the world’s authors, illustrators and publishers that will be marked on Thursday 4th March 2021.

Designated by UNESCO as a worldwide celebration, primary teachers, secondary teachers and SEN teachers have a pivotal role to play in showcasing the impact that literature can have on everyday life, and on education.

Numerous studies highlight that young people who read for fun can benefit academically, as well as mentally, as they tend to be exposed to more vocabulary and creative ideas.

World Book Day has a partnership with National Book Tokens, as well as publishers and booksellers, which enables millions of book tokens to be sent to children and young people each year.

Youngsters can either pick one from a list of ten books for free or can use their token to get a discount on other reading materials.

Primary teachers and SEN teachers may want to focus on writing styles or on tips for creating incredible illustrations, or pupils could be encouraged to discuss their favourite book or review it.

World Book Day also provides a perfect opportunity for secondary teachers to promote the importance of using multiple sources when forming an argumentative piece or for placing an emphasis on creative writing.

Children should be given the freedom to make the most of literature that is available to them and should be provided with the tools to enhance their understanding of it – either through debate and discussion or via more creative forms of learning.

Resources for primary teachers and secondary teachers can be found online, as well as a section on how to celebrate World Book Day during lockdown with their virtual events.