Physics resources for Science Teachers


Physics is central to everyday life and this allows science teachers to really bring it to life through practical lessons and engaging activities.

If you’re a science teacher and you want to grab the attention of your pupils in physics lessons, these are some of the digital resources out there to help.

From lesson ideas to supporting worksheets and games, these resources will enable you to showcase your enthusiasm for the subject and to inspire your pupils in the process.

The Science Teacher

If you’re a physics teacher looking to create highly engaging lessons for your pupils, turn to The Science Teacher for inspiration.

The physics curriculum is divided into eight main topics, including Earth and space, forces, speed and energy, while secondary teachers can also search for resources by keyword to find exactly what they need.

Institute of Physics

Home to an extensive list of resources for classroom teaching, the Institute of Physics has guidance on teaching topics such as astronomy, radioactivity and medical physics to name but a few.

There’s also guidance for delivering practical lessons, which has been created in partnership with the Nuffield Foundation, to be motivational and to stimulate the senses.

Teachit Science

Covering both key stage 3 and key stage 4 of the physics curriculum, Teachit Science has an array of PDF resources that can be accessed for free.

The teacher-created resources focus on the main aspects of the curriculum, while science teachers can also access additional resources via its subscription services.


Delve into forces, energy transfer and magnetism with flashcards and interactive worksheets from Twinkl, which is home to numerous useful tools for physics teachers.

Designed by teachers in line with the national curriculum, the resources also include several word mats containing the key terms and information that pupils need to remember.


Featuring a set of resources specifically targeted at GCSE level, TimeTabler has numerous research sheets, learning objectives and lesson ideas for physics teachers.

Secondary teachers can also access quizzes and teaching maps, providing the necessary resources to make highly entertaining and memorable physics lessons.


STEM is a vital support for physics teachers, with resources to aid remote teaching and others for those who are home schooling.

Packed with lesson ideas and practical examples, it can inspire secondary teachers looking to deliver elements of the key stage 3 or 4 curriculum.

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