Random Acts of Kindness Day Resources


Kindness comes in all shapes and forms, and Random Acts of Kindness Day gives teachers a chance to highlight exactly that!

This year, Random Acts of Kindness Day falls on Wednesday 17th February, in the middle of the half-term break, so both primary and secondary teachers can encourage their pupils to mark the day from home.

The concept behind it is a simple one too; the day seeks to showcase the many positive impacts that kind acts can have on others.

If you’re a primary or secondary teacher and you want to mark Random Acts of Kindness Day this year, here are a few ideas and resources to help you on your way…

From verbal compliments to actions

With the majority of pupils learning from home, secondary teachers have the opportunity to make sure everyone is staying in contact with each other and providing support during tough times.

From texts and emails to phone calls, use Random Acts of Kindness Day to explore the importance of communication and the impact a simple message can have.

Alternatively, you may want to encourage your pupils to consider charitable activities or to support or learn more about causes they care about.

Youngsters could also be encouraged to speak to older members of their family to find out more about their past – having children speak to their grandparents, for example, could reduce some of the pressure on parents who are trying to balance home working with childcare.

Online resources to inspire teachers and pupils

Primary teachers can also find an array of posters and other resources at the Random Acts of Kindness website, perfect for decorating the classroom for when pupils can return.

There’s also plenty of kindness colouring sheets that could be printed by pupils at home, alongside mini lesson plans to support remote teaching.

In addition, Twinkl also has a resource pack full of ideas for primary teachers, which includes kindness cards and posters, as well as inspirational worksheets.

This year, perhaps more than any other year, it’s important to showcase how even the smallest of kind acts can make a world of difference to people.

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