Speech and Language Resources for SEN teachers


Developing speech and language skills form a key part of primary education for pupils with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND).

This continues through secondary education too, with SEN teachers able to access a vast pool of resources to help their pupils maximise their potential.

Speech and language play a pivotal role in helping individuals to express themselves, especially for pupils with SEND who may have difficulty communicating.

Why speech and language is so important

Helping to cement some of the basics at a young age during their time in primary education can have a big impact later in life, and even influence their ability to live independently, depending on their situation.

Those with speech or language needs are deemed likely to have difficulties with reading, writing and spelling, which in turn can impact social interactions.

The range of resources available to help SEN teachers also enables them to tailor work and support to meet an individual pupil’s needs, enhancing the potential for better learning outcomes.

Here we’ve highlighted some of the speech and language tools and worksheets that are available, many of which can be downloaded for use in online lessons or printed for classroom activities.


If you’re an SEN teacher and you want your pupils to concentrate on their communication skills, Twinkl has you covered – regardless of if you need primary education resources or some for secondary level.

Discover a range of speech and language therapy resources including sets of question cards, visual aids and guessing games designed to aid language development.

Tes (Times Education Supplement)

Featuring an array of paid-for and free resources to support those in secondary education with both speech and language, Tes has everything an SEN teacher needs to help their pupils fulfil their potential.

With tasks that can be weaved into lesson plans, as well as guidance sheets and interactive games, there’s something to support pupils with SEND.

ChatterPack directory

There are hundreds of online speech and language resources out there to assist SEN teachers, but ChatterPack has a handy directory of useful tools for both classroom use and home schooling.

Featuring speech sound resources, language resources and worksheets, look no further if you require inspiration for both primary education and beyond.

The Communication Trust

A collection of more than 50 not-for-profit organisations, the Communication Trust has plenty of resources to help young people develop their language, speech and communication skills.

It features guidance on elements such as phonics teaching and clear messaging, as well as tools to enable an SEN teacher to evaluate pupil progress.

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