Spelling resources for Primary Teachers


Spelling forms a key part of the primary curriculum and there are numerous resources out there to help primary teachers make it both fun and engaging for pupils.

From introducing the basics to exploring the role of phonics and letter sounds, these resources enable teachers to create entertaining lesson plans and memorable activities.

If you’re a primary teacher and you’re looking for some inspiration around spelling games and other ideas, here are some of the best resources to consider…


With a dedicated section to literacy and spelling, Twinkl has an array of fun and engaging resources for primary teachers, designed by their peers in line with the national curriculum.

This enables you to deliver many different elements of primary education, from tackling common exception words and spelling rules to all-encompassing spelling packs for key stages 1 and 2.

Many of the resources can be weaved seamlessly into lesson plans, enabling primary teachers to create simple and effective methods for approaching spelling in the classroom.

Tes (Times Education Supplement)

Download from a selection of free and low-cost primary education teaching resources at Tes, with hundreds of spelling worksheets, games and activities available.

Many include visual aids and phonics activities to support pupil learning, so youngsters can relate spelling rules and practises with certain sounds, images and more.

Teaching Ideas

If you’re looking for fun activities to reinforce some of the spelling basics, Teaching Ideas has numerous different downloadable worksheets to help.

Designed for pupils of various ages, you should be able to find resources that are suited to certain classes or year groups.

Teach Starter

Home to an extensive set of spelling resources for primary education, Teach Starter can help you and your pupils to embrace letter patterns and groupings, alongside elements such as prefixes and suffixes.

Several subscription offers are available, which provides access to thousands of online resources which can then be shared should a primary teacher need to deliver remote learning.


Teachwire has collated several games and activities to aid the teaching of spelling, giving the pupils the necessary tools to master the basics.

The resources for those in key stage 1 and 2 feature words from the National Curriculum Spelling List, as well as guidance on memorable strategies so pupils can remember the rules and apply them throughout their primary education.

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