Top Resources for ECTs


For any early career teacher (ECT), the first year in a classroom is a learning journey as you’ll face fresh challenges and discover new ways of teaching.

And while marking, lesson planning and everything else involved in your NECT year may take some getting used to, it’s also a highly rewarding part of your development as a teacher.

To make life easier for new teachers, we’ve compiled some of the most useful resources for ECTs, providing everything from lesson fillers to guidance on life in the classroom.

Tes (Times Education Supplement)

Home to an extensive set of teaching resources developed by other teachers, Tes has thousands of handy options which can be weaved into lesson plans and classroom activities.

Covering primary and secondary level, there are also specially designed resources to help pupils with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND).

Alongside a host of free and printable options, there are many more which can be purchased at a low cost to help new teachers through their first year.

A set of supportive resources featuring organisers and other guidance is also available to make elements such as marking and lesson planning easier.


Packed with resources for use both inside and outside of the classroom, Twinkl has everything that an ECT could need.

It’s one of the most extensive collections of resources available and features subject specific ideas and activities, as well as general guidance on planning, assessments and other parts of teaching.

Some of the resources are free, and they can provide an initial glimpse into what is available with the paid membership options – your school may already have access so it’s worth asking if this is the case.

Teaching Ideas

If you’re an NECT in need of activities and ideas to fill time in lessons, Teaching Ideas probably has the answers – this free set of resources covers all of the core subjects and is littered with useful posters and printouts for turning your classroom into a top quality learning space.

This is a particularly useful resource for those looking for activities related to specific days or events, or for fact sheets and similar materials which support the main aspects of a lesson.

Primary Resources

For ECTs working with younger pupils, Primary Resources has plenty of ideas and free lesson plans covering a range of subjects.

There are also resources designed for classroom displays as well as generic assessment sheets and other essential documents that can make recording pupil progress a simpler task.

The official government website features an array of handy advice and pages on the key topics which ECTs will need to know about.

This includes details about the induction for early career teachers, the Teachers’ Standards which you must adhere to, and a range of advice and support.

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