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After completing my teaching degree at Charles Sturt University, I worked in country NSW on various temporary contracts. I had always dreamt of living and working in London ever since visiting as an 18 year old on Contiki. I researched different teaching agencies and came across Tradewind. The process was so smooth and quite a relief to know I had people ready to help with starting life in a new country. They ensured I did all the correct paperwork, assisted with my visa application, put me in touch with other teachers going across at the same time and answered the many how, what, when, why questions I had. 

Before I knew it, I had landed in London, scored a short term room let in a hostel, and was receiving my first day of supply teaching (UK CRT lingo) phone call. I was still living out of a backpack but set the next morning’s alarm and went to bed studying the tube map. A handful of supply days in two different schools plus a full fortnight booked in, my first month in London was in full swing. I found a permanent place to live and after that fortnight’s booking, I had the Head Teacher asking me to stay until the end of the term. The rest is history – and I eventually stayed until the end of my visa. 

Those years, without a doubt, were two of the best years of my life. I met all kinds of new and interesting people, some have become lifelong friends. I worked alongside teachers from all parts of the UK, New Zealand, Australia and many other countries.  I developed my confidence as a teacher and really grew professionally. I connected with students from all walks of life and became a part of their community. My eyes were opened to a whole new curriculum, different teaching strategies and I built my leadership capacity with new opportunities. School excursions weren’t just exciting days out in London for the students, I too was continuously learning and enjoying myself. 

And there were many perks outside of work hours. Europe on your doorstep suddenly gives a ‘weekend away’ a whole new meaning. Not to mention half term break that rolls around every six weeks. Summer in Croatia actually is all that! The two years passed by quickly, as time does when you’re gallivanting and having fun. 

When it was time to return to Australia I didn’t want to return to country NSW. I made the decision to start a new chapter in Melbourne. Once again, Tradewind held my hand throughout the whole process. As I was NSW trained and had lived out of the country for two years, working with an agency to get casual work seemed like the best idea. Between reuniting with family and packing a car to head south Tradewind were lining me up with work in Melbourne for my arrival. I worked in 4 different schools over the term in Melbourne before I was offered a contract. I am now happily working on an on-going contract at a school Tradewind set me up with. Life has been very busy but I’ve never stressed about trying to find work... instead I’ve focused on the fun bits and have let the agency find the work for me. So thank you Tradewind! 

Mikhala, Primary Teacher

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Working with Tradewind has been great. They have made the process of traveling to another country for work really easy and painless. They check in to make sure I have settled in comfortably and even tried to help me find temporary accommodation for when I travelled over her to the UK. It has been difficult but rewarding working here, as the procedures and students are very different to Australian schools, and it has taken me a while to feel like I fit in. It is great that I have the support of Tradewind to help and it has been great working with them and getting to know the friendly team.

Angelia, Visual Arts Teacher

I discussed opportunities at length with the international team at TW prior to moving to the UK, essentially they organised everything for me! This really took all the stress off me and allowed me to enjoy my holiday. 

I am currently a GPay Teacher and I have been able to experience a magnitude of schools within/surrounding London which for me has been perfect as I wanted to get a feel for where my expertise would be best suited. This is an excellent lead in for beginning teachers or somebody who wants a little more freedom. 

Paige has been great to work with, she is extremely accommodating and is genuinely  concerned about helping you transition into London lifestyle without much stress!! 

I love living in London’s not so well kept secret - Clapham & Brixton are crawling with Aussies for a reason; it's got the hustle and bustle everyone is chasing whilst being excellently placed to find an abundance of work. You won't regret this area.  

Jay, Secondary Teacher

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After working three years as a primary Teacher in Victoria, I felt the urge to experience teaching in a range of places around the world. One of my friends I had worked with, who had taught in the UK for 2 years, recommended to begin looking at agencies to assist with the process and provide all the information I needed. They highly recommended Tradewind Recruitment explaining that the had made her feel at home while she was away from her family and that undoubtedly they gave her amazing support 24/7. I was sold and contacted Tradewind to collect more information.

The recruitment agency got back to me asap and answered my thousand questions I had been itching to ask. They held an information webinar that provided a full explanation of the processes from beginning to end when moving to the UK and gaining employment. All of the staff members that I had contacted from the agency were so friendly, polite and excited for your future plans, it felt like you had made an instant friend! Most weeks I would have a random question pop up and email or call the agency to discuss these. They would answer all my questions straight away (especially when it came to getting my UK VISA as I did not really know what I was doing). 

I am so grateful for their assistance and feel so much more comfortable travelling by myself to the UK, knowing that they have my back whenever I need them. Gemma even got me in contact with another sole traveler who is going around the same time as I am, to see if we could potentially set up accommodation! I am so excited to arrive in London in February 2020! 

Jamie-Lee, Primary and Secondary Teacher

I completed my teacher training in NUI Galway in Ireland. After spending one year doing relief work, I decided to move to the UK to complete my ECT hours. Tradewind found me a school and arranged interview all within two weeks over Skype while I was in Australia working and travelling.  Kirsty and Paige were absolutely amazing during my relocation. They helped me with everything from finding a flat, making new friends and constant communication to make sure I'm getting on good. I can 100% trust that if I need anything at all, these girls are only a text or email away and so responsive. I couldn't recommend Tradewind Recruitment enough to any new teachers. You will never be alone with this company, they also have fabulous nights out every few months. This company made my relocation seem easy.

Cathy, Teacher

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I studied and graduated with a Bachelor's in education at Stellenbosch University in South Africa. I moved to London in January 2020. Before I moved I contacted Tradewind and that made sure that everything was in order and I had what I needed before I came over so I could start working as soon as possible. The staff have been so supportive, speedily replying to emails, willing to take my call to settle any concerns I may have. Within 12 days I was out on trials and doing supply teaching and their wonderful team had placed me in my dream job at an amazing school within 4 weeks! I could not be happier with their service and would highly recommend them for any teacher thinking of moving to the UK for work! 

Rabecca, Teacher

The International team is in frequent communication and quick to respond to questions. I've found everyone to be genuinely warm and welcoming.  I have reached the bottom of my savings so the £1000 bonus has come at the perfect time to book some summer travel! I love the pace and the sights of London. The public transport is so frequent and I never have trouble getting to work as a GPay Supply Teacher because there is always multiple routes to take. Tradewind know their schools well and I love it when I can be assured that the school has a great track record with other teachers.

Bethany, Primary Teacher

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