How Tradewind Recruitment support ECTs in their induction period


If you’re an early career teacher (ECT) and are getting set for a life in the classroom, you’ll undoubtedly be keen to get going.

But there are still choices to make, from deciding on the type of teaching role you would like, to considering how best to complete your ECT induction.

Tradewind Recruitment are here to guide you through the process so you can build your skills throughout your ECT year, with additional continued professional development opportunities to help long into the future too.

What support is available for ECTs?

Using Tradewind Recruitment during your ECT year gives you plenty of flexibility, as you can find the placements that are best suited to you.

Full year placements enable you to complete the ECT induction in one school setting, or alternatively, term placements could allow you to gain experience in a range of different schools and teaching roles while working towards completing the induction.

You’ll need to complete three full terms across an academic year to fulfil the induction criteria, but you’ll be able to broaden your knowledge in the process.

Understanding the interview process

Getting an interview plays a vital part in securing a role, and support is on hand to find roles that suit your requirements.

You’ll be advised on schools and other areas you may wish to research, with interviews set up if you feel the school is a good fit for you.

Interview preparation and lesson planning are also provided as part of the process, giving you all of the necessary tools to succeed in the interview itself.

This includes guidance on a range of potential interview questions and things to consider when answering them, as well as further questions you may wish to ask those interviewing you.

Tips on managing behaviour and carrying out a successful period of lesson observation are provided by your consultant, alongside information detailing what to do if a school makes you a job offer.

CPD for now and the future

A career in teaching is often described as a continual learning process and a wide variety of CPD courses are available to help teachers throughout their ECT years.

A total of 50 free certified CPD courses are available via Tradewind Recruitment, covering topics such as safeguarding and behaviour management to lesson planning and supporting pupils with special educational needs.

These courses are tailored to individuals in order to maximise their benefits and are delivered by experienced staff from the various specialist fields being covered.

ECTs can expect further guidance on how to plan good lessons in accordance with Ofsted, as well as tips on how best to create an environment that is conducive for learning.

All of the support is designed to ensure that an ECT can enjoy a long and successful career in the classroom, enabling you to inspire future generations for years to come.

Interested in applying? You can view all of our jobs here or alternatively you can submit your CV - your local education recruitment consultant will get in touch with you shortly.