Walk to School Week Resources


Walk to School Week returns in mid-May, giving teachers the chance to showcase the many benefits of walking for young people.

Run by Living Streets, the UK’s charity for walking, the week kicks off from 17th May 2021 and is an annual celebration of getting around on two feet.

It also provides the basis for teachers to explore several key topics, from tackling issues around road safety, pollution and the environment, to recognising how exercise can positively impact pupil health and wellbeing.

Here we’ve included some of the best resources to mark the week in your classroom, including everything from handy guides to lesson plans and more.

Why Walking to School Week matters

The overall aim is to encourage more youngsters to take up walking at a time when an increasing number are getting lifts in cars or are travelling via public transport.

According to Living Streets’ School Run Report, one in four cars on the UK’s roads during the morning peak are parents doing the school run, so reducing that figure could have a number of tangible benefits.

Not only would congestion be reduced, but so too would carbon emissions; the report suggests that half a million tonnes of carbon dioxide is produced each year from the school run alone.

The health benefits of walking

There is also a wealth of evidence which shows that walking to school can make a big difference in pupil health and wellbeing.

Teachers can link walking to good long-term healthy habits and can discuss the role of exercise and diet, as well as focusing on the impact it can have on mental wellbeing.

According to Living Streets, being active in the morning can set youngsters up for the school day, as it can help boost their focus and concentration.

As well as promoting positive habits, primary teachers can also delve into topics such as road safety, putting an emphasis on how youngsters can get to and from school safely.

Useful resources

Living Streets has an extensive resource library, as well as tools targeting those in both primary and secondary schools.

In addition, Twinkl has a number of different worksheets and activities which can encourage pupils to get involved, plus some useful presentations for teaching staff.

Teaching Ideas also has an array of printable PDF sheets which can be used to encourage youngsters to walk more as part of Walk to School Week.

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