Why schools like Drama Graduates working as Teaching Assistants


Teaching assistants can have a range of educational backgrounds, but drama graduates are an especially popular choice.

According to data from the Higher Education Statistics Agency, around one in ten drama graduates end up in education and healthcare roles within 15 months of graduating, showcasing this popularity in the education sector.

Schools can turn to drama students for a number of reasons, but in the majority of cases, they possess a key skill set that is incredibly useful when working as a teaching assistant in classroom settings.

What transferable skills do drama graduates have?

By the very nature of acting, drama graduates are comfortable in the spotlight and this often translates well into classroom settings, which can make managing behaviour easier.

Couple that with high levels of confidence, an outgoing nature, and generally having an ability to perform under pressure, and you have individuals who can excel as teaching assistants.

Schools also recognise that creative approaches form a key part of acting, both at school and university, so this fresh thinking is also sought-after.

Look to showcase these skills during an interview for a teaching assistant position, as schools will want to see evidence of experimenting with ideas and pushing boundaries, as ultimately these trends can help drive pupils to reach their full potential.

If you’re a drama graduate considering a role as a teaching assistant, you’re also in a unique position where your portfolio can help to showcase your skills.

It’s likely that you may have juggled various tasks, jobs or acting roles and this highlights a range of organisational and networking skills – incredibly useful for a career in the classroom.

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