What mental health support for school leaders are the DfE funding?


Tailored mental health and wellbeing support for headteachers across England could soon be available under new plans from the Department for Education.

According to an early engagement notice for a potential procurement, £800,000 will be made available for a support scheme to be delivered from autumn 2021.

It is set to build on a pilot by the Education Support charity which has provided tailored wellbeing assistance to a limited number of school leaders across the country.

Although little is known about the new project at this stage, the Department for Education has suggested that funding will last for 18 months with the service set to be available to all primary and secondary schools.

Education Support has assisted 225 headteachers to date, via various online peer and telephone support, although they have not said if they will apply for the new project.

Initial funding for the pilot of £95,000 was further boosted by a £62,000 cash injection so the charity could reach a further 160 schools.

The Department for Education has said it will assess the outcomes of the pilot scheme to support school leaders following the pandemic.

A high proportion of senior leaders had previously reported high stress levels, so the department has been working to take actions that can aid teacher wellbeing.

The procurement process could begin in mid-June, with the aim to have a contract in place ready for the next academic year in September 2021.

The Department for Education has also said the notice acts as “information only and is not a call for competition”, and that they may decide not to begin a formal procurement process.

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