SEMH resources for SEN Teachers


Pupils in schools across the country can have a wide range of different educational needs, which SEN teachers and other school staff will need to be aware of.

Those with social, emotional and mental health (SEMH) needs require specific support as they can struggle to manage their emotions and behaviour, often displaying unexpected or inappropriate levels of behaviour.

This can lead to classroom disruption, although additional interventions and the use of sensory play and other resources can help them to succeed.

Understanding SEMH

SEMH as a term was introduced in 2014 as part of the Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) Code of Practice.

It is estimated that around 150,000 pupils have SEMH in both mainstream and special schools across England, with frustration, anger and temper tantrums among the signs of those with SEMH needs.

However, it does not necessarily have to be a lifelong condition, and alongside classroom and other school support, specialist charities, such as Unlocking Potential, also provide assistance for schools and communities to support those with SEND.

Mentally Healthy Schools

Mentally Healthy Schools has an extensive library of online resources to support SEN teachers with the delivery of both primary and secondary education.

In addition, there’s also a wealth of information and advice, as well as guidance for parents on what they can do to support their children.

Registering enables teachers to access themed toolkits and create their very own sets of links and resources, meaning they can access a range of sensory tools quickly and easily.


For a range of different sensory resources to support those with SEND, head to Twinkl to discover worksheets and lesson ideas created by teachers for teachers.

Specific sensory resources can also help SEN teachers to develop engaging plans and ideas that may appeal to those with SEMH needs.

School Wellbeing

School Wellbeing features an array of free resources, as well as others which are available via a subscription, to support those SEMH needs.

Various toolkits, worksheets and other resources can be downloaded for use in lessons, as well as guidance for changes that can be used in the classroom.

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