Shape and Space resources for Primary Teachers


Introducing shape and space to pupils is a key part of maths in primary education, as it helps youngsters to better understand and describe the world around them. As well as helping pupils to visualise shapes and talk about their properties, primary teachers can use these elements to breathe new life into their maths teaching. 

There are a wide array of shape and space resources available online which support primary education too, so for those looking for lesson inspiration, here’s where to start…


Whether you’re a primary teacher with a year 1 class, or are preparing to work with year 6 pupils, STEM has a number of different shape and space ideas and activities.

Alongside learning objectives and the maths resources needed, there’s also guidance on how best to deliver each activity so you make sure they’re as engaging as possible.


If you’re looking to reinforce understanding of shape and space, Sparklebox has maths resources including flash cards, wall posters and fact sheets.

These assets are packed with colour and are highly visual – just what’s needed when a primary teacher is looking to capture a class’ attention.

Primary Resources

If you’re looking to introduce 2-D or 3-D shapes in the classroom, Primary Resources has a number of ideas to help.

Most resources can be downloaded as documents, allowing primary teachers to use them while planning, or to distribute them among their pupils.

National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics (NCETM)

From planning great lessons to delivering them, NCETM has an abundance of tools to help primary teachers approach maths in the classroom.

The set of mastery materials were developed in collaboration with the Maths Hub Network and are designed to enhance teaching and aid professional development too.

Teaching Packs

A subscription service with a wide range of primary education resources, Teaching Packs has a set of specially designed shape and space materials.

From banners and posters to printable worksheets and games, there’s everything you need to transform your classroom and introduce the magic of shapes to your pupils.

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