Why teacher self-care matters as we near the end of term


Teaching is an incredibly challenging, yet highly rewarding job, and self-care should form an essential part of the role.

There are always changes to navigate through – none more so than in the last 18 months – and you’ll have undoubtedly adapted to new schedules and different ways of working, not forgetting everything outside of the classroom environment.

With that in mind, primary, secondary and SEN teachers need to ensure that their mental health is not neglected as they seek to deliver the best possible outcomes for their pupils.

Take time to think about you!

Self-care is important for teachers throughout the year, but it can be even tougher as the academic year draws to a close and the number of tasks and challenges grows.

Taking time to look after your mental health and wellbeing will enable you to thrive in the classroom at this time, as you’ll have the energy and drive to help your pupils excel.

Your daily mental health has a huge impact on your pupils, which is why self-care plays a pivotal role in allowing you to be the best primary, secondary or SEN teacher than you can be.

Plan ahead

Planning and preparation are vital in alleviating the feeling of being overwhelmed, especially as the year is coming to an end, so you can really benefit by starting looking ahead.

Pencil in calendar dates and think about time when you can take a short break to focus on your mental health and wellbeing, be it five minutes, or even longer.

You don’t necessarily need to spend too long on such activities, but regular breaks and time focused on you can make a big difference to your overall wellbeing.

Useful mental health and self-care resources

There’s also an abundance of self-care resources out there which can help, including several stand-out options which we’ve listed below.

Check out Routledge’s Teacher Self-care Toolkit resources for more tips on how to look out for yourself and spread positive energy throughout the school environment.

Alternatively, Planbook has guidance on how you can recharge through self-care, while Healthy Happy Teacher has a checklist of numerous self-care activities for primary and secondary teachers to try out.

Monday Campaigns also features breathing exercises to help teachers alleviate stress, as well as several GIFs designed to encourage deeper, calmer, breathing.

Of course these resources are just the tip of the iceberg, and if you have an opportunity to do something which looks after you, make it a priority! Both you and your teaching should benefit as a result!

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