Would a career in teaching and education suit me?


Teachers, TAs and Support Stafff play a vital role in educating the workforce of tomorrow and it’s highly rewarding to watch pupils succeed.

If you’re currently weighing up your options and aren’t sure if a career in teaching is right for you, here’s how to know if you’re suited to a career in the classroom.

What makes a successful teacher?

Teaching encompasses a wide range of skills, from being good listeners and communicators to recognising the need for collaboration and empathy.

Patience is also key, as pupils will learn at different rates and face different challenges, and it’s imperative that they can keep a cool head under pressure.

Successful teachers forge great relationships with those around them and they’ll be passionate about their subject – that infectious enthusiasm always shines through!

Ultimately, we all remember teachers from our own school days and the impact they had – especially if they helped us to succeed.

The best teachers act as an inspiration to those around them and will always look to learn more by managing their own development and staying up-to-date with breakthroughs in their subject matter.

Sparking discussion and healthy debate around topics in order to engage a whole class of pupils sounds appealing, then an ECT role could be just the start.

Plenty of opportunity for development

It’s important to note that enthusiasm on its own isn’t enough to make a great teacher – it needs to be backed up with knowledge and resources.

Fortunately, much of this can be developed through training and the ECT induction period, when new teachers receive support to ensure they can face any challenges they might come across in the classroom.

From learning different behaviour management methods to new ways of marking and reporting, this continued development enables an ECT to always strive for better.

A chance to make an impact and shape lives!

As an ECT, you have the power to shape young people’s interests, and possibly even their careers, by being passionate about your subject matter.

If you can drive a love of certain topics, you can encourage pupils to excel in their exams and to take an interest in the subjects away from the classroom too.

This may ultimately shape their choice of university, job and way of life, meaning you have a vital role to play in enabling them to be the best they can be.

If you’d like to have a positive impact on young people in this way, then a career in teaching could be just the answer!

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