Classroom resources to support learning for students with special educational needs


Thousands of pupils across England have a range of complex care and learning needs, something

teachers need to take into account when in the classroom.

According to official government figures, 12.2% of pupils in England require special educational

needs (SEN) provision of some kind.

The number of pupils with an Education, Health and Care (EHC) plan has also risen each year since

2017, with the most common needs among those with Autistic Spectrum Disorders and speech,

language and communication difficulties.

In order to help pupils with SEN to achieve the best learning outcomes possible, here are some of

the resources available to help support learning in primary, secondary and other school settings.


With a wide range of activities and resources designed specifically for people with SEND, Twinkl can

be a go‐to source when it comes to supporting learning.

Teachers can access sensory resources and stories, as well as tools to support communication and

interaction, many of which can be printed as PDFs or accessed via a membership.

Further resources to aid those with social, emotional and mental health difficulties are also available,

as are tools to support those with specific disabilities and conditions.

Education and Training Foundation

The Excellence Gateway is home to a wide range of resources designed to enable quality teaching to

meet the needs of learners with special education needs and disabilities from the Education and

Training Foundation.

Here teachers can find numerous different guides and other resources focused on teaching

methodology and processes that can drive better learning outcomes for pupils.

In addition, there’s ample resources to support professional development so that teaching staff can

be prepared for whatever challenges they may face in the classroom.


Lessons for pupils with SEN often need to be planned differently to take into account reduced

attention spans and other learning requirements.

As well as providing guidance on how best to understand the different learning difficulties that they

may be faced with, Tes also has plenty of useful classroom resources.

Many of the activities are available for free or at low‐cost and can be used to create fun and

engaging lessons that result in a positive and inclusive classroom environment.

Inclusive Teach

Offering a variety of free sensory SEN learning resources that can be downloaded or printed out for

use in the classroom, Inclusive Teach can be an invaluable tool for SEN teachers.

The resources cover a range of topics such as space, transport, life skills and historical events,

enabling teachers to tailor lesson plans based on whatever part of the curriculum they are teaching.

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