Roald Dahl Day: a day to celebrate the world's best storyteller


Roald Dahl Day: A day to celebrate the world’s best storyteller


Amongst being the world’s best and most popular storyteller, it goes without saying that there is an awareness day celebrating all things Roald Dahl, and that day is 13th September, a widely regarded day for all who work in and go to school.


Roald Dahl Day is a day to celebrate the renowned author’s life and the many unforgettable characters that have featured in his book which can be used to encourage creative thinking and a general love for reading.


With one of the key difficulties of teaching young people the value of literature being finding ways to encourage reading, for many children, the books of Roald Dahl provide that gateway, introducing them into the world of reading by engaging young imaginations.


As well as his thrilling and inspirational children’s fantasy fiction books from Matilda to James and the Giant Peach, he also wrote screenplays for both film and television, including the classic Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, creating a perfect opportunity for drama teachers too!


With teachers and education staff being equally passionate about teaching children to love reading, Roald Dahl Day helps to encourage them to use a portion of teaching time to help inspire and amaze the next generation of children. By getting creative and offering children the chance to take part in themed activities while they are in class, it becomes a perfect opportunity for students to learn about his writing techniques amongst other things. 

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