Our 5 top fun homework ideas for primary teachers


Homework can be invaluable when it comes to reinforcing knowledge around subjects and topics being explored in the classroom, but it also needs to be fun and engaging for youngsters. For primary school teachers, there’s an important consideration to make – homework needs to be meaningful and beneficial for those completing it, but also manageable for those setting it. We recommend keeping things simple during primary education, and these fun homework ideas are all designed to keep pupils engaged when working at home.

1. Look to active learning

Younger children often have a lot of pent-up energy, so one way to take advantage of this is to set homework tasks which mix learning with being active. This provides a boost to their physical and mental wellbeing and can help youngsters to link certain ideas and topics to different activities, which can help with their knowledge retention.

2. Make learning a game

Primary teachers can make homework tasks fun by allowing pupils to get creative. Encourage pupils to create snap cards to memorise multiplication or to test their artistic skills by creating image and word cards. Using materials can help to make learning more engaging too, such as by using playdough or other toys which might be at home. Another option is to encourage youngsters to create their own board games linked to topics being looked at in class. If the work being set feels more like a game and less like work, it’s likely to appeal to a greater number of youngsters.

3. Use apps and technology

Technology usage among younger people is increasing year-on-year, and primary teachers are well-placed to take advantage of this trend. For those with access to technology at home, using apps and other software can add an element of learning to numerous everyday tasks. This is especially the case when looking to develop core maths and English skills, as numerous applications exist that focus on spelling, creating lists, sentences, maths problems and more.

4. Emphasise reading

Developing a love of reading among primary school pupils can be pivotal in fostering a love of learning as they get older. Not only does it aid a child’s development, but it can also be made fun given the sheer amount of different media types that exist. We recommend including various reading elements in all primary homework tasks and it’s a great opportunity for youngsters to get creative too. An example task could include pupils creating newspaper front pages or short stories to read in class.

5. Take homework outside

Homework doesn’t necessarily have to be completed in the home. Encourage youngsters to take advantage of outdoor spaces and look to set tasks which include elements of outdoor activity. Learning through landscapes has a wide range of resources to use if you need ideas, including a number which can be used to introduce young pupils to environmental and other global issues.

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