What are the benefits of working through a teaching agency?


If you’re on the hunt for your next job in education, going via a teaching agency could provide a welcome boost. Not only can you take advantage of their contact book, often brimming with opportunities, but you can also benefit from enhanced continuous professional development and an array of other perks.

Here we explore why you might want to work via a teaching agency and delve deeper into the assistance it can provide.

Many different opportunities

Looking to secure work on your own can be both daunting and tiring. However, going via a teaching agency makes the process easier, as they’ll do the majority of the hard work for you. They’re often one step ahead of the market and will know which schools are recruiting, often meaning they’ll have a wide variety of different roles to select from.

Increased exposure

On top of this, some schools may only advertise available roles via an agency, meaning you could miss out on roles as you are simply unaware that they exist. Note that many teaching recruitment agencies will have strong working relationships with schools too, ones that you simply wouldn’t be able to take advantage of otherwise.

Finding the best role for you

With in-depth knowledge of the schools where you could be placed and numerous different available roles, a teaching agency can often source the best role for you. They can take into account your skills, qualifications and availability, before providing openings for which you are suited. This reduces the need for speculative applications, enabling you to channel your time and energy into the roles that matter.


If you’re looking for your next teaching role and are keen to get earning at the first possible opportunity, using a teaching agency should help speed up the recruitment process. As previously mentioned, they’ll be able to draw on those strong relationships to push through strong applicants.

A constant source of support

Using a teaching agency means you’ll always have someone to turn to for support when you need it, as an agency can provide guidance should you need advice on anything related to your role.

Putting your development first

The majority of teaching agencies will place an emphasis on your continued professional development alongside any role you take. This can open the door to training and development opportunities that you may otherwise miss out on, enabling you to develop your knowledge in the process. Given that a growing number of schools are looking for staff with good levels of CPD at the point of application, this can put you at an advantage.

Schools know agencies can benefit them too

Recruiting schools will know that using an agency provides them with a pool of talent to pick from, which increases the likelihood of them turning to their services, rather than recruiting directly. Being signed up with a teaching agency can therefore boost your chances of finding out about available opportunities.

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