Eco friendly classroom resources for Primary Teachers


Eco friendly classroom resources for Primary Teachers

Promoting sustainability and eco-friendly activities from a young age is likely to have a huge bearing on the planet of the future. By teaching youngsters about these topics, they are better placed to understand some of the major issues which influence the world we live in.

For primary teachers, there’s an abundance of topics to embrace – from exploring animal habitats and climate change through to the issues which impact the developing world. Here, we explore some of the eco-friendly classroom resources that exist online, giving school staff the necessary tools to develop highly engaging lessons, discussions and more.

How to create an eco-friendly classroom

Being sustainable in the classroom can start with something as simple as switching off the lights when the space is not in the use. But there’s plenty more than primary teachers can do.

Recycling and managing waste efficiently can limit the greenhouse emissions coming from your teaching space, while repurposing worksheets or using wipe-clean dry-erase boards means that resources can be reused time and time again.

Refillable pens can help to limit plastic waste, while turning to fabric for wall displays, rather than paper, can also limit waste as it can be easily reused.

Top eco-friendly classroom resources

Alongside practical approaches for creating a more eco-friendly classroom, it’s also necessary to educate youngsters on why such processes are needed. There are plenty of avenues for how this can be achieved, with plenty of media readily available online to support you.

If you need eco-friendly classroom resources, Green Choices hosts a range of different learning materials. Alternatively, the World Wildlife Fund has a plethora of resources on sustainability, animals and climate change, as well as other elements of the curriculum, all of which can be filtered by age group.

If you’d like to put the focus on the world, development, or a host of trending topics, as well as outdoor teaching ideas, turn to the Global Dimension database.

Twinkl also has a range of resources for primary school teachers, all focused on how to create a more eco-friendly classroom for pupils. From awareness day-themed worksheets to details on recycling, the environment and green energy, there’s plenty of options that can be weaved easily into lesson plans.

For animal-specific resources, The Wildlife Trusts provides numerous opportunities for children to learn about wildlife, alongside option for school visits, teacher training and outdoor learning.

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